A 10-inch high-quality complete wheel concept for hay tedders allowing for better performance, easier maintenance and improved reliability in the field.


  • Better performance due to increased puncture resistance and a unique innovative pattern for optimum rolling and limited resistance to lateral pressure.

  • Stability due to the low profile tyre even at high speed in the field, remaining the widest possible ground contact resulting in the lowest impact per cm2 thus reducing the risk of puncture.

  • Improved reliability due to a tubeless, stronger tyre-construction, STARCO’s rust preventing e-coat technology, and a perfect match between tyre and wheel air loss prevention.

  • Easy maintenance due to an innovative wheel design preventing grass from wrapping around the hub and axle, hence less rust on the axle and less need for inconvenient stops and expensive after service.

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STARCO reinvents the hay tedder tyre. The wheel is STARCO engineered, developed and manufactured and enables optimal upgrade of existing hay tedders, while matching the requirements for new ones.

STARCO HT Pro is PAH and REACH compliant.

STARCO HS Flotation

A 17-inch premium wheel and tyre solution perfect for agricultural implements that works hard in the field and rolls fast on the road.

  • Maximum stability in the field and on the road due to a unique radial construction.
  • Reduced ground pressure due to the flat profiled tyre and the large footprint.
  • Optimum rolling due to special-designed centerline pattern, shoulder traction and combined flotation pattern construction.
  • Better self-cleaning due to the intelligent placement of the mud breakers in the tread bottom.
  • Perfect fit allows for upgrade of existing implements due to standard dimensions.
  • Improved reliability due to STARCO’s rust preventing e-coat technology of the steel wheel and a perfect match between tyre and wheel for less airloss.

At the bottom of the page you can download the product sheet for further information.

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Both the STARCO HT Pro and HS Flotation solutions are with inhouse manufactured, e-coated steel wheels.

This nanotechnology pre-treatment prevents rust and corrosion for much better quality.

E-coat technology
for better quality