Our history

We have been a pioneering force in the wheel and tyre industry for more than 55 years. STARCO is founded on a passion for tyres, entrepreneurial spirit and a striving to continuously develop.

Today, we are market leaders in some of our fields of expertise and markets. Just like back in the day, we still have a great team bound by a passion to develop, manufacture and deliver clever wheel and tyre solutions, and to understand our customers and the use of their application or vehicle.

Recent news

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Simplifying the complexity of REACH

Do Tetrachloroethane, Hydrogen hexafluoroarsenate and Aminobiphenyl xenylamine mean something to you? These and many more are substances restricted under the REACH legislation. Mix hard-core chemistry with complex legislation and you get REACH. So, if you want to know what REACH is and learn how STARCO works with it, keep reading.

Meet STARCO at Agrama 2018

From 29 November to 3 December 2018, STARCO will join again the largest Swiss trade fair for agricultural and forestry technology in Berne, Switzerland. STARCO displays unique solutions for mounting dual wheels and flat-sided spikes for mowers to use in the characteristic alpine environment of Switzerland.

Meet STARCO at EIMA 2018

From 7 to 11 November, STARCO will join the international machinery exhibition in Bologna, Italy. Focusing on both tractor, agricultural implements and ground care vehicles, it is an exhibition right up STARCO’s alley. The wheel and tyre specialists will be there to display their dual wheel solutions amongst other capabilities.

Zwiększamy różnorodność ciągników kompaktowych

Od 2011 roku firma STARCO dostarcza felgi i opony do serii ciągników kompaktowych Kubota DE. Odpowiednio dostosowując felgi i opony, ciągniki kompaktowe pierwotnie zaprojektowane do standardowych zastosowań stały się idealną odpowiedzią na różne potrzeby na terenie całej Europy, jak prace śnieżne czy funkcja nośnika osprzętu.