We strive to be OEMs preferred partner when it comes to clever wheel and tyre solutions. Besides our core competencies in development and manufacturing, we know this requires a strong distribution network, the ability to secure high quality supply, and excellent service. Read more about what our customers can expect from STARCO when it comes to logistics and customer service below.

Strong distribution network


STARCO has eight distribution locations across Europe and strategic warehouses to ensure the right service level to our customers. We continuously develop our distribution network to match current and future customer demand - both minor adjustments and long-term development in close collaboration with key customers. We are ready to expand together with customers both in and outside of Europe, with, for example, a drop warehouse close to the customer’s production facility with a Kanban setup, securing just-in-time delivery.

Excellent customer service – ASK STARCO

We deliver value beyond the products, especially because our Customer Care teams have a high level of technical and application know-how, allowing for professional guidance and support. We have the competence and capacity to customise our supply to suit customer needs and strive to give our customers the best possible service. In STARCO we call good service “ASK”, short for Availability, Service and Knowledge. To us it means:

  • We are AVAILABLE and rapidly respond to customer requests
  • We are SERVICE-minded and proactive when solving minor or major requests
  • We have KNOWLEDGE about products, applications and customers, which we use for building strong customer relations and optimising the solution for the customer.

Needless to say that on-time DELIVERY of the right product, in the right quantity, with the needed documentation is a matter of course. The optimum delivery requires close dialogue with our customers and insight into their business.

High quality supply

Time is money – and lead time reductions are our top priority. We have a strong record in optimising the supply by reducing waste, driving supply chain integration, and customising delivery to the customer.
Many of our customers value receiving complete wheel solutions from a single supplier and our ability to adjust the delivery to their specific needs. This could be:

  • Customised labelling for outside storing
  • Customised batch sizes
  • Special out-bound quality control
  • Seasonal service levels
  • IT-integration to drive optimisation and delivery

Our distribution centres are specialised in servicing the respective customer segment, such as our highly specialised Trailer & Caravan centre. We only partner with highly qualified logistics partners, with logistics as their core competence and a committed focus on delivery performance and supply chain integration.
You can read more about our segment in the menu under Products & Services, and more about how we work with quality here.