Our unique insight into the use of applications combined with tyre and wheel performance gives our customers a strong development partner to stay ahead and improve the machine, vehicle or implement’s performance.

We have been a pioneering force in the wheel and tyre industry for more than 55 years. Today, we have a strong engineering team working closely with manufacturing, customer service and sales to ensure the optimisation of current STARCO products and the innovation of new ones. We have various patented solutions – for instance our clamp system for easy and safe mounting of dual wheels on tractors and combine harvesters. 

Our engineering expertise covers the entire wheel solution – including the wheel, the tyre, tubes, valves and any other component around the solution, such as caps and axles.

Our unique insight into the use of applications combined with tyre and wheel performance supports original equipment manufacturers of various applications when optimising their products. We understand the use of applications, vehicles and implements at our customers’ customers.


Test & diagnostic

We gain experience from the practical use of the products and support customers on-site on request. We conduct both field tests and lab testing in our own test facilities made to validate and improve design. We:

  • Collaborate with independent laboratories to ensure expert knowledge and latest standards
  • Use our cornering fatigue test machine to validate wheels up to 50”, as well as a small wheel dynamometer, and run burst and leakage testing
  • Conduct Quality Assurance testing
  • Compliance testing according to European standards in close collaboration with customers

Tyre & wheel awareness

We train customers that want more insight into how the wheel and tyre solution impacts the performance of their application. The training is adjusted to suit the participants – no matter if it’s the customer’s employees working with service, quality, engineering, purchasing, or other departments in need of a knowledge upgrade. Read our training-case here.




In close cooperation with our customers, we can design the optimal steel or plastic wheel solution, test it in-house and, together with external partners or a field test when applicable, we ensure an optimal process time from idea to prototype to a new product.



Innovating new products

Our structured yet agile go-to-market approach aims to discover and collect ideas from STARCOnians, customers or other external partners; define the initial best ideas; design the ideas so thorough prioritisation is possible; develop the product; and deploy in the market. This process applies for both new STARCO-branded products and for customised products.

STARCO Product Development Stages