Clever wheel and tyre solutions for light transportation

STARCO develops and manufactures light-weight and high-quality wheel and tyre solutions for almost any application for light transportation – from sack trucks and trolleys on professional construction sites to wheelbarrows for private gardening. We partner with market-leading manufacturers, whilst servicing the replacement market through our OEM customers’ distribution network and key partners.

Our knowledge of wheelbarrows dates back to the days when STARCO manufactured them ourselves - today known as Ravendo. Now we specialise in developing and manufacturing wheel solutions for European market-leading manufacturers of wheelbarrows, among others.

The products in this segment that are manufactured in Europe range from 12” to 16” and fit well on trolleys, sack trucks, wheelbarrows and special tools for construction work.
Our launch of the puncture-proof wheelbarrow tyre in 2006 was a game changer. Today, puncture-proof tyres are commonplace in the market. STARCO-branded solutions range from high-end to standard, and the STARCO FLEX iCore, STARCO FLEX Pro and STARCO FLEX lite are among the most popular.

We supply a variety of pneumatic or puncture-free tyres with a plastic or steel centre. Customers can order wheels and tyres separately, or as complete wheel assemblies ready for their production lines, configured and inflated according to their specifications.

We offer customers:
  • An innovative development partner with extensive wheel and tyre engineering experience.
  • Specialised manufacturing of pneumatic or puncture-proof tyres with a steel or plastic wheel, produced in our factories in the UK and Croatia.
  • High-quality wheel and tyre solutions for trolleys, sack trucks and wheelbarrows ranging from 12” to 16”. Designed for improved end-user experience.
  • Tailored supply solutions that ensure excellent delivery performance, and a dedicated team ready to support your business.

High-quality wheel and tyre solutions for trolleys, sack trucks and wheelbarrows ranging from 12” to 16”, and developed with extensive wheel and tyre experience for improved end-user experience.

A 12” pneumatic tyre on a steel wheel or a 16” puncture-proof plastic wheel solution? We offer various combinations to ensure the optimum wheel and tyre solution for your application. We offer advice to ensure the optimum fit between application, wheel/tyre and intended use.

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STARCO Flex odporne na przebicia.


Recommended on more smooth surface, but still workable on soft and semi-uneven sites.

STARCO Flex Lite

Recommended on smooth surface and semi-rough terrain, mainly for private user or lighter professional service.