Clever wheel and tyre solutions for specialised vehicles

Made to measure (MTM)

Made To Measure wheel solutions is made specifically to our customers specifications. It is when standard solutions available in the market does not meet the requirements and a new and purpose specific wheel solution is needed.

Our MTM wheels are produced to OEM quality with a very short lead-time. Our specialised production techniques allow for a wide range of specifications covering all the needs of the market.

Dual wheels

The patented STARCO dual system, originally developed in Switzerland, is a high-end technical solution to the challenges of fitting dual wheels. This industry leading dual wheel systems is primarily for Agricultural and industrial applications .

STARCO is able to offer a dual wheel to fit most vehicles. Duals can be required for traction, stability or the need to reduce soil compaction.

High tech

Low volume, high load, high speed or challenging environments are the area of specialist applications we serves in this segment. This makes us the ideal partner for vehicle conversion specialists or manufacturers of highly specialised pulled or self-propelled equipment.